How My Career in Healthcare Took Its Show on the Road–Overseas

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career veterinary fieldworker

In Go. Serve. Love’s passion to help you navigate a path overseas, we believe marketplace missions has 4.13 billion beautiful reasons for you to consider doing your career (yes, that one) overseas. So we’re psyched to welcome Sarah Galloway, nurse practitioner, wife, and mom, who’s recently moved her job overseas with the help of Scatter Global.

catter helps you find a job and live on mission where Jesus is not known. (See? Isn’t that cool?)  read more

Missionary Nurse: Journal Pages from a Week in the Life

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career veterinary fieldworker

Sheri Kretzschmar serves in Guatemala as a missionary nurse with Health Talents International. She and her colleagues work with the local Churches of Christ, conducting mobile medical clinics in surrounding communities–where together, they demonstrate Jesus’ compassion.

Sheri lets us lean over her shoulder during an uncharacteristically busy surgery week of patients from local villages.

Sunday, February 11

Let the surgeries begin! read more

Your Unique Weakness, Made Beautiful

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strength in weakness

When my husband John was younger, he hated hardware stores. (Work with me here.) He hated all the hooks sticking out of the walls to hang things on.  To him, it felt like those hooks were headed straight for his eyes. It was an odd weakness that followed him to adulthood.

Yet years later, as we lived in a remote village in Ethiopia where John was working on a water project, he began having trouble with his eyes–a malady seeming particularly unfortunate following a lifetime vulnerability. read more

A Missionary with Mental Health Issues: Alyson’s Story

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mental health

Since COVID-19 left me stranded in a remote part of Tanzania, I’ve been bemoaning the items I left behind.

First, I missed the comfort foods, a certain pair of shoes, an extra skirt. Then one day I realized that I was on my last few anxiety pills. As my supply dwindled, any of their positive effects were undone by my mounting fear of surviving without them. read more

Letter to a new missionary: “Dear newly-arrived me”

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new missionary

Dear new missionary me,

Oh, you look so beautiful! I love that you’re still wearing makeup and your toenails are painted. I bet your legs are shaved too!

Ooh-la-la! Soak up those feminine vibes now, my dear. But don’t fret. As you lose your American shine, you’ll be gaining plenty in its place.

Enjoy where you are now, new missionary me. Be fully here. read more

“Trust and Obey, Mommy”: Gala’s Story

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trust and obey

Our family had been in Ethiopia for about two weeks one February when we decided to visit the village where we’d soon be living.

My husband John is a water engineer. Our task was to put in a water system for the Tokay area and surrounding villages. We had just begun language school in Addis, so our skills were limited–but we were excited to see the village where we’d live for the next three years, about four hours west. read more