Project: Interview a Missionary

Reading Time: 3 minutes

interview a missionary

When we chat here at Go. Serve. Love about the kind of information and stories we want to tell you, the idea has always been the feel of a virtual cup of coffee with a knowledgeable, thoughtful global worker.

What would they tell you? And what questions would you ask? read more

Holidays Abroad: Out-of-the-Box Celebrations

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holidays abroad

It was late-night Christmas Eve for them and early Christmas morning for us and we were watching my family on FaceTime. They had jingling belly dancer scarves from Egypt and were doing funny dances to let us know they missed us. At that moment it felt so difficult to be away from family.

With holidays abroad, time with grandparents, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles becomes limited. Relationships can become distant. We have to work harder to keep the connection and make the effort to keep in touch.

But on the flip side? When holidays roll around, we’re somewhat on our own, choosing if we want to celebrate with friends or teammates, church members or other people from our community. read more