World Race

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The World Race is a stretching, 11-month journey to 11 countries to serve others and work to expand the Kingdom of God around the world.

We partner with local ministries working day in and day out to reach their cities for Christ. Racers come alongside these ministries and do whatever it takes to bring God’s Kingdom to Earth in that area.

This means every single day can be different. Throughout the year, Racers might preach in villages, teach English, minister in night clubs, serve in orphanages, assist with construction projects, work with refugees, lead sports camps, host women’s retreats, pray for the sick, comfort the elderly, lead church services and Bible studies, visit homes, baptize new believers, and everything in between.

The World Race is an opportunity for people who want to humble themselves for the sake of Gospel, who are hungry to learn and grow closer to God and who want to see more people experience the love of Christ.


How’s this work?

We send Racers out in squads of around 50 people and break them up further into teams of 6-8. Every squad is led by alumni Racers both on the field and back home in our office in Gainesville, Georgia. We prepare Racers by pairing them with an admissions advisor who walks with them as they fundraise and ready to leave.

Six weeks before launch, we host a 10-day training camp to prepare for life on the field. It’s where we train Racers in

  • sharing their faith
  • healthy group communication
  • intimacy with Jesus
  • and many more tools needed to thrive on the Race.

World Race is certified by Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions, and is an ECFA Member and a MissionSafe sending organization.


Check out the World Race website, and contact them at