#BestoftheBestFriday: Answering the Critics; Language Learning Infographic; Africa & China’s Unique Dynamics

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Is Missions a Joke? Answering the Critics

There are some well-aimed critiques being leveled at global work lately, which may make you question the validity of this work altogether. Amy Medina from A Life Overseas addresses some of the most painful and poignant criticism by authors/bloggers/podcasters like Corey Pigg, Emily Worrall, and Jamie Wright–the latter of whom writes, “I came off the mission field with a new mission which is to burn down missions.” This one is a must-read…and may explain a tiny bit of why Go. Serve. Love has recently released our self-assessments. Well done, Ms. Medina.

Most Difficult Languages for English Speakers to Learn: An Infographic

It’s a fascinating graphic that will help you know just what you’re getting into. Are you good with languages? Keep in mind that some countries, like Japan–whose unreached population (despite its government being open to global workers!) equals one-third of the U.S.’ total population.

How could God use your language skills? 

Language is one of the top barriers to the hope of Jesus being shared with every nation, tribe, and tongue. So let’s keep working on the problem. (Click here for more info on unreached people groups, and here for a sweet infographic to pray for them.)


How Africa is Becoming China’s China

Thinking of going to Africa? This is an important explanation of some sweeping political dynamics.

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