#BestoftheBestFriday: The Best Stuff on Global Work from around the Web

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Here at Go. Serve. Love, we want to keep you posted on what’s happening in the world of global work. So we’ll be adding regularly to this collection of trends and thought from around the web. Dig in.

Issue 1: Not-so-Universal Evangelism Staples 

Issue 2: Medical Missions, Rethinking Calling, Best from A Life Overseas

Issue 3: State of the World

Issue 4: What Paul Didn’t Say; Gospel for the Poverty-Ridden; What They Don’t Tell You

ISSUE 5: Phases of Life Overseas; Wishing I Wasn’t a Racist; Time-release Culture Shock

ISSUE 6:  Free UPG Prayer Guide; 8 Ifs to Reexamine; No One Mentioned That; Peru, the World Cup, and Global Work

ISSUE 7: Answering the Critics; Language Learning Infographic; Africa & China’s Unique Dynamics

Issue 8: Your First Year; Staying Emotionally Well; Aspiring to a Leadership Role

issue 9: Why We Go; Personality & Evangelism; The Gospel & Social Class

Photo credit: https://www.imb.org/image/indian-orphanage/

ISSUE 10: Prosperity Gospel in Africa; Animism 101; Diwali Prayer Guide; Medical Missions History

ISSUE 11: Mind of a Hindu; Orphan Care; Modernizing Dictators; Social Justice; Evangelism

ISSUE 12: Why not to say “God called me”; Exposing Your Kids to Danger; Surprised by North Korea; China

Issue 13: John Chau; Global Day of Prayer for China TODAY (free social media graphic)

Issue 14: Travel Checklist; Top 50 Most Dangerous Nations; Business as Mission; New Bible Translation Methods

issue 15: Reaching Muslims; Good from ISIS?; Corrupt Countries; Tech in Missions

issue 16: Business as Mission; free online discipleship; fundraising bootcamp

Issue 17: Worldwide prayer for Muslims during Ramadan; Shocked by Your Host Culture; Free Bible Software

Issue  18: FREE Mental Health Assessment; 50+ BAM jobs; What to Know Before You Go

Issue  19: #BestoftheBestFridays: What I Wish I’d Known; Africa’s Evangelism Challenges

Issue  20: #BestoftheBestFridays: Animated videos for Muslims; Gospel movies in 23 languages

Issue 21: African pastor speaks; Catholic & unreached?