#BESTOFTHEBESTFRIDAYS: Worldwide prayer for Muslims during Ramadan; Shocked by Your Host Culture; Free Bible Software


Pray with Us for the Muslim World during Ramadan

Ramadan is May 5-June 6 this year. What if you prayed every day of their holiday for the salvation of Muslims around the globe?

During Ramadan, Prayercast can send you an email reminder each day of Ramadan with a brand new video to inspire you to prayer and trust in a God who is revolutionizing the Muslim world!

Each of the 130 new, 4-5 minute videos Prayercast will release is led by a former Muslim who now follows Jesus. These videos are designed to stimulate focused, strategic, passionate prayer in the Church. (Even the header video makes our editor a little teary.)

Who could you invite to pray with you? 

Source: Missions Catalyst

global missions podcast: top 7 episodes

The Global Missions podcast recently released its hundredth episodes–and producers have posted a list of their favorites. There are some great topics in there.

Source: Missions Catalyst

When You’re Horrified By Your Host Culture

Female circumcision. Scorn and taboo of the disabled. Stoning. Culturally-accepted rape. Canadian blogger and former pastor Tim Challies speaks of the ways we experience horror in the cultures we serve…and then offers a critical perspective: “In Canada, we murder babies.”  

The World, Mapped by Majority Faith

Carrie Osgood has created a world map for you to see populations (instead of land masses), overlaid with the majority faith of those major populations. Check it out!

And here’s a version including country labels, allowing you to zoom in for greater detail.

Source: Brigada

New Site for Learning about Trauma

Working in impoverished countries in particular, you’ll likely encounter those with hellish life experiences. And you may also be likely to experience trauma yourself. Earmark this site and its knowledge center to help you understand how trauma affects the brain–and what to do about it.

Source: Brigada

Free Bible Software! Download Logos 8

Yup, Logos just released a new version–and you can download it free. (Thanks for the recommendation, Brigada!)

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