#BestoftheBestFriday: Medical Missions, Rethinking Calling, and Top Posts from A Life Overseas

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why medical missions is so effective

Why Medical Missions Is So Effective

Let’s Rethink Our Language of Calling

Greg Handley writes,

Growing up among Baptists, I learned a language of “calling.” People would say “I feel called to _____,” and our church would pray and send them on their way. I praise God for good desires and God’s grace to send these saints. But I’m convinced we need to expand our vocabulary of calling.

…in my view, the calling language—at least how I usually hear it applied—creates an unhealthy expectation. The language itself moves us away from clear revelation to some other necessary experience.

Handley outlines three practical dangers with our current language–and four helpful suggestions for a new paradigm. Check out his thoughts here.

Most-read articles: A life overseas

For years, the collective bloggers at A Life Overseas have been encouraging those who’ve already…gone, served, loved (still doing so). They’ve recently published a “Table of Contents” of sorts of all their most-read posts, with a lot of classic topics for those of you wondering about life on the other side. Check ’em out here!

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