#BestoftheBestFriday: Phases of Life Overseas; Wishing I Wasn’t a Racist; Time-release Culture Shock

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Forbidden Roots

Amy Medina writes compellingly of the seasons of overseas life. At the beginning,

the remnants of your old life stay with you for a long time. At first, keeping in touch with your friends back at home is a big priority. You get lots of packages in the mail. You grieve the loss of all that you left behind. But you are excited to be in this new place you dreamed about for so long, and that excitement keeps you going for a while. After the honeymoon wears off–which could happen in a week or a year–then it just takes grit. A lot of grit. As in, I’m going to grit my teeth and stay here even though I hate it.

Want to hear the happy ending? Guess you’ll have to click here.

I am not a Racist, and Other Things I Wish Were True

Jerry Jones, adoptive father of two children of another race, humbly examines racism from a perspective we usually avoid:

The word “racist” ONLY seems to show up in two forms. As an ACCUSATION — or a DENIAL. It’s never a discovery. Never a realization. Never a confession. There is zero room for nuance. Zero range. Zero spectrum.

His words are wise, open, and challenging. If you’re going overseas–or if you live in the United States or any other race-divided nation–this one’s a don’t miss.

Time-Release Culture Shock? Yeah. It’s a Thing.

This one’s an oldie but a goodie from Dan and Marlene in the Philippines. That first time returning to your home culture…or back to your host culture can be killer. This post serves up some hilarious and true thoughts on The Great Returns.

First time: “Whoa, check out that dude that just drove up the sidewalk, hahahahaha! That’s sooo crazy! Look at all the people crossing the road wherever they feel like, it’s just like Frogger! Is this road 2 or 4 lanes? I can’t tell, everyone’s just driving where they want! Bwahahaha! Oh so novel and goofy and silly and stuff!”

This time: Driving is more like dealing with a disobedient toddler. “So help me…if you get in front of me…no…you are NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT. NO it’s not OK to push!”

Check out the rest of their thoughts here.

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