#BestoftheBestFriday: Free UPG Prayer Guide; 8 “Ifs” to Reexamine; No One Mentioned That; Peru, the World Cup, and Global Work

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free prayer guide for the 31 largest unreached people groups

The William Carey Library has compiled this free daily prayer guide for the largest unreached people groups in the world. Download it here–and consider this free printable infographic for unreached people groups while you’re at it! 

Eight “Ifs” I Don’t Believe So Much Anymore

Craig Thompson challenges “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”, “If it’s important to you, then it’s important to God” and other phrases he’s put in perspective in his time on the field. Great words here.

20 Things No One Told You About Moving Overseas

Dan and Marlene in the Philippines offer their characteristic humor and honesty in disclosing what to expect when you’re not expecting. Includes gems like “You will love fast food, even if you didn’t before.” Grab them all here.

Missions and Peru’s Journey to the World Cup

Jennifer Waldrep writes from Peru, “This concept of a few nations with fancy resources being the players and the rest of the world being the mission field is as outdated as colonialism.” She quotes a man named Alfaro:

We Peruvians never had the idea that the one to bring the gospel would be a national…Rather a . . . European or American missionary—all the more if it were a white person. There was the idea that the privilege of bringing the gospel belonged to white people. This concept came from generations back—from our ancestors. Missions always was foreign. It came from elsewhere.

Check out her thoughts about lessons from the World Cup for the Body of Christ.

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