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Middle East

Fact: According to the Joshua Project, the world’s population of Muslims is estimated at over 1.8 billion. (With a “B.”) That’s 23.9% of the globe. Out of 3,734 people groups, 3,191 (85.5%) remain unreached with the love and hope of Jesus.

Which means that currently, they will never hear of it.

Yet PrayerCast reports that more Muslims have turned to follow Jesus in the past 15 years than in the previous 1400 years combined.

In his fierce love, God is moving among Muslims.

How could you make Muslims a regular prayer focus?

In collaboration with Go. Serve. Love contributor Sarah, we’ve compiled this infographic because of the surpassing need for prayer for Muslims.

Will you pray with us?

A Few ideas:

Choose one day a month to pray, and even fast, for these groups. (You could choose the 18th day to remember the 1.8 billion.)

Choose one prayer request a day, starting again when you’ve prayed through the list.

Choose one day a week to pray for Muslims.

Fast for the Muslim world during Ramadan, and/or pray daily using PrayerCasts’ daily Ramadan prayer videos in your inbox.

Pray using PrayerCast’s weekly prayer videos delivered to your inbox.

Distribute this as a bulletin insert in your church, or make it easily available on a website or in a kiosk. (Link back to our site, if you would.)

Invite your small group to pray with you.

Use these ideas to reach out to a Muslim right where you’re at

Have a rice and beans fast on the 10th of the month, praying for these groups.

Hang this list inside a cupboard or medicine cabinet, and pray for one request whenever you open it.

Share the infographic above on social media. Print it here.




DON’T MISS this list from our partner Global Frontier Missions of incredible (many printable) resources to pray for the unreached as a regular focus of your own prayer efforts.

And find more ideas to to pray for UPGs here.


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