“Does she really have what it takes?” On steel in the soul

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strong steel soul

Does she really have what it takes?!

That was the thought tumbling through my mind, straight up, as I levered my jaw off of the ground. Kathy had just informed me that she was heading for Honduras with a friend. By bus.

Informed, not asked. Decided, not considering. A young adult living with us for a couple months in western Guatemala trying to discern God’s leading and call. Quiet, reserved Kathy.

Seriously? Hmmm. Maybe she had more steel in her soul than I thought.

About 10 days later she returned, plus a quiet confident smile of accomplishment. I was impressed.

It took a couple of years, but Kathy married a young man from Tectictan in western Guatemala. She’s is still there today. Has life been easy? No. Have inter-cultural relationships gone smoothly? As they say in Spanish–no. Did everyone immediately accept her into their lives? No. Did she understand their world as they see their world? No.

But there is no question about there being steel in her soul. And there is no question about people seeing Jesus in her.

I just read her last prayer letter about picking and processing coffee beans from their own 450 Cattura coffee trees. Her husband continues to teach God’s Word via a small local radio station and small group studies. Poco a poco (slowly but surely), relationship by relationship, their Jesus influence is felt through their coffee, their beehives, the many kids in their home, hospitality to their extended family and friends, the soccer teams he coaches, the radios playing in the market place. Read: their common everyday lives.

Those who persist in well doing, those who have steel in their souls, will influence people for Jesus.

strong steel souls influence for Jesus

It reminds me of the notation in Daniel 12:3: Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.

Well done, Kathy.

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