6 Missions Verses to Lift Your Head [Printable]

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The gray of February has descended on many of you, and maybe you’re wondering if death-by-fundraising-and-passport-application is a thing.

But in the middle of the grind, we’d love to help you not only follow God, but as the Psalms shout, for your soul to bless God.

For you: verses to fix your mind to.

So stick these babies on the inside of that closet you’re packing, or tuck them in your endless reading stack of books, or lay them beside the bed you’re about to sell. Meditate on and memorize these like the gold they are (see Psalm 19:9-10).

Tether yourself to truth–and remember the eternal, yes-yes-yes whys. Because your feet are beautiful for a reason.

The Go. Serve. Love Team

P.S. A huge shout-out to dawnnicole.com for the free watercolor graphics.


Click each image to print verses separately.

verses verses



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What Scriptures and truth have lifted your head lately?

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