#BestoftheBestFriday: Notes from African Pastor; Missions’ Tough Parts

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Moving Overseas: The Tough Part

At Go. Serve. Love, we chat not only about the glimmering side of overseas missions–but also seek to help you toward honest conversations and expectations, hopefully toward the end of emotionally healthy missions. Check out

tough overseas

The highly-recommended blog A Life Overseas also recently published The Harsh Flip Side of Moving Overseas and one author’s take on The Hardest Thing About Living Overseas. Good stuff to think about.

global trellisGlobal Trellis: Rooting Cross-Cultural Workers in Love and Competence

Ever heart of Global Trellis? They explain, “This doesn’t have to be you: More than 62% of cross-cultural workers report high tension between tending to their soul (being) and the work that they do (doing).” Global Trellis develops your soul and skills through articles, challenges, and workshops.

Check them out so that from the beginning, you’re wholehearted and pursuing integrity–a oneness of substance–in your work.

You can also seek out the Global Counseling Network of 50 online counselors. (Source: Brigada.com)

Train People in Literacy of Their Own Language

It’s a powerful thing to give someone the gift of reading–and even more powerful using Bible-based resources.

Literacy International says of their work, “Share the gift of reading and the gospel by teaching people how to read and write in their mother tongue using Bible-based materials in 260+ languages. Teacher-training classes are taught in English by live instructors using video calls and an online classroom.” Scholarships are available, too. (Source: Brigada.com)

What Would an African Pastor want a Missionary to Know?

Headed to Africa? Zambian pastor Chopo Mwanza writes on The Gospel Coalition about what he’d love to tell you. Don’t miss To Western Missionaries: From an African Pastor.

Book to Explore with Muslim Friends: Has the Bible Been Changed?

This book addressses a classic argument of Muslim teachers: That the Bible has been corrupted. Grab a free Kindle version of the book here. (Source: Brigada.com)

Japan Japanese

Resources for reaching the Japanese!

Our post Unreached People Group Focus: Japanese, has been one of the highest-performing ever on GoServeLove. So we’re excited to point out JapaneseChristian.org, a site packed with everything from apps to videos to audiobooks to coloring books. (God hearts Japan!)

Interested in new happenings in the world of missions?

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