Miracle in the Grocery Store: My Story

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Perhaps you’ve heard about God performing a miracle in the Muslim world, or bringing dreams to an entire community. Today’s story is just such an example–from a Muslim community right in the United States.

This month, we’re giving you snapshots of Studio. It’s dynamic internship program designed to equip long-term workers for the Muslim world. 

Grab more info here about Studio and in our Meet an Agency series! 

After a long day of training, my roommate and I decided to make a quick stop for groceries before heading home. 

Taking a shortcut through the diaper aisle, we found an older woman wearing a hijab, maybe picking up supplies for a grandchild.  My roommate greeted her and struck up a conversation, asking if she lived in the neighborhood, how long, if she liked it.

Though we figured the interaction would be short, the woman we’ll call “Faith” quickly began opening up about her struggle with rent and her landlord. About her husband’s work, and her grandchildren. She went on to talk about medical appointments and bills due to arthritis and pain in her hips, legs, shoulders and hands.

grocery store miracle

Oh, and don’t forget to pray for a miracle

The conversation began to wane. But before we parted ways, I felt the urge to ask if we could pray with her in the name of Jesus for her rent struggles. Faith agreed and we all took hands.

My roommate began to pray for the basic needs that Faith had mentioned. Then I prayed a blessing over her. 

As we opened our eyes, we could see that Faith was touched by our prayer, and my roommate, obviously guided by the Holy Spirit (and channeling our teaching that week) gently placed her hand on Faith’s shoulder and asked if we could pray for healing for her. And to our surprise, Faith said yes.

Together we prayed in the name of Jesus that the pain in Faith’s body would be gone, that this would not be a struggle for her. Then Faith began to sob. We figured she was simply touched that two strangers would care for her.

But when we finished the prayer, Faith looked at us and said, “I swear to God, I have no pain. I swear to you, there is no pain!” She began sobbing and held us in a tight squeeze. 

We were dumbfounded and in awe. Jesus had done a miracle for this sweet woman in the grocery store diaper aisle.

After a few minutes, Faith calmed down and we exchanged phone numbers, hugs, and blessings before heading out. We felt honored to be used by God. And grateful that we could meet Faith and bring blessing into her life.

What we had heard in the classroom at Studio that it is God who does the calling and we just need to be willing to take steps of faith.

And that was proven so true by a miracle in the grocery store. 




One thought on “Miracle in the Grocery Store: My Story

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love this testimony! Our God is powerful and he longs to reveal himself to those who are hurting and lost. Beautiful how these two stepped out in obedience and faith.

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