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This month, we’re giving you snapshots of Studio, dynamic internship program designed to equip long-term workers for the Muslim world. 

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What Sahina Taught Me

I helped Sahina learn to speak.

She taught me more about listening. 

Sahina was one of the students at a refugee English center where I volunteered.  She invited me to visit her at home, and I asked another intern to come along.


After serving us a sumptuous meal, Sahina invited us to her small back patio for a birthday celebration for her son.  The whole family and a neighbor girl came out and sang to the boy and we enjoyed cake and fruit together.

After a while, the family headed to bed, but Sahina stayed with us.

As we listened, she began to share about how in her home country, they had been well off.  Her husband had been a respected artist and business owner.

When the war started, everything changed.

She used to peer through her curtains as people were brutally assaulted by police on the street outside her house.

I listened as Sahina shared one painful memory after another.  As war took over more and more of their city, Sahina and her family finally decided to flee the country, and they endured a frightening bus ride through ISIS-controlled territory.

By God’s grace, they were able to escape over the border.  However, life in a refugee camp held more challenges and trauma.  She told us that she hadn’t talked about these things with anyone since coming to the U.S.–they were just too painful to explain.

What could we say in response to such a story?

We were honored to be able to give her the gift of listening in love–a gift those I sought to love have, in fact, taught me.  We asked her if we could pray for her in the name of Jesus.  As we prayed, silent tears ran down her cheeks.

We continue to pray for Sahina and her family, that they will be able to entrust their stories to God and to find that He listens and cares.

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